Thursday, 4 July 2019

St. Peter Chanel Vinnies International Youth Day Winner Gets to Have His Cake and Eat It Too

   On Thursday 4 July, the winner of The Society of St. Vincent de Paul International Youth Day Cake Competition run between three competing Vinnies groups - Garin College Vinnies, St. Paul's Vinnies and St. Peter Chanel Vinnies was awarded with the cake of his design. Kept top secret until the day, Finn Campbell had no idea that his design had been chosen until cake decorator, Linda Bunt pulled it out of the box that it arrived at the school in. Linda then proceeded to show the Vinnies how the apple tree was made, the finished result was given to one of the runners up of the cake competition whose lucky number was called out. The runners-up were each presented with a chocolate bar, while Finn Campbell went home not only with a chocolate bar but also a $20 voucher to be spent at the Richmond St. Vincent de Paul Centre. Finn wrote on his form that he wanted to share the cake with his class because they care for each other and their work. The cake competition was judged by The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Nelson Area Council President, Joss Pattison and Margaret O'Connor the board member who oversees Vinnies in the area. According to Margaret, "The reason we chose the winner of the competition was because it seemed to follow well the instructions. Being a member of Young Vinnies means new growth resonated with the judges. Secondly the winner gave a very good reason for why he would share his cake with his class and that was because they care, about each other and their work.Caring is what Vincentians young and old should all aspire to do. Well done all who participated."

Monday, 1 July 2019

Society of St. Vincent de Paul International Youth Day 2019

   On 4 July, young people throughout the world will be celebrating the Society of St. Vincent de Paul International Youth Day. This year the Vinnies groups throughout the Nelson region took part in a competition of designing a cake depicting what it means to be a member of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul as a young person. The imagination and creativity that went into the cake designs was awesome so well done to all those who took part. The winner of the cake competition went to a St. Peter Chanel Vinnie whose design not only depicted the theme of International Youth Day 2019 - 'Young Vincentians caring for the environment! Caring today to generate sustainability and ensure tomorrow' but also 'new growth' which is an important part of the role young people play in the Society of St. Vincent de Paul today.
   The Society recognises that caring for the environment and seeking sustainable practices are new ways of practicing charity because it focuses on the common good. Just as importantly, The Society of St. Vincent de Paul internationally is seeing Vincentian Youth rise up to meet the challenge through acting as national presidents, in regional and central councils throughout the whole structure. Furthermore Vincentian youth are involved in developing international strategic plans and are part of communities that are leading the change.

    International Youth Day emphasises that young people are not only essential to the Society but are of paramount importance.  It is upon sustainable practices and new growth taking place that indeed the future of the Society depends.



Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Turtle Fundraiser Taking Shape

   The turtle mobiles that the Vinnies have been working on since our visit to the Motueka Fire Station earlier in the year are beginning to take shape. The inspiration for creating the turtles came after we were given a guided tour by a couple of the fire-fighters of the fire engines, fire-fighting equipment and history of how much all this as well as the uniforms and protective wear has changed over the years. What we noticed was that fire-fighters require a 'protective outer shell' and that the use of water is very much a life-giving element. This is very much like turtles and so we decided that turtles would be the perfect symbol for our fundraiser that we have underway. The fire-fighters shared with us as to the various emergencies they are called out to, we discovered that it is not just fires that fire-fighters attend to but other events such as road accidents. One thing that the fire engines didn't come equipped with were teddy bears, although this is something that has been adopted by other fire brigades around the world. These bears provide comfort to young people caught up in such emergencies and are donated to the fire brigade by the community. We decided that it would be a nice idea to fund raise in order to donate to the Motueka Fire Service such bears that they could also distribute to young people in need of comforting at such events. We almost have our turtle mobiles ready to sell. Definitely watch this space!

Artwork to Promote Our Fundraiser

To tell the community about our fundraiser, a group of the Vinnies have been painting pictures and writing about their trip to the Fire Station. Here are the pictures and stories that will go on display along with the turtles...

   My picture is summing up our trip to the Motueka Fire Station. Two of the fire-fighters showed us the map of the area affected by the Tasman fire as well as the fire trucks. The fire trucks looked cool. We learned about all the different jobs the firemen have. We are raising money to donate little teddies to the firemen and women so when they get called out to fires they can give them to children who are scared to comfort them.

   At the Motueka Fire Station, I learnt a lot of new stuff. I learnt about how to be a fire-fighter and that the fire-fighting equipment has developed a lot over the years. The Motueka fire-fighters helped to put out the Tasman fire. We made some biscuits and thank you cards for them. We are raising money to help the fire-fighters so that the fire-engines can also be equipped with a teddy bear for children affected by incidents the Fire Service are called out to.

   We loved the trip to the fire station! We were shown the interesting equipment like a thermal imaging camera. We also learnt that the fire-fighters are called out to small animal rescues as well as being called out to big fires too.

Monday, 6 May 2019

The Little Christmas Tree Video is Now Complete

   After all the hard work that has gone into creating The Little Christmas Tree video, we have now got to the stage of being able to compile the artwork and narration together to re-tell the story. Here is the result...
The Little Christmas Tree